STAR Moments

I'm in a nice local coffee shop, trying to build a presentation about EMR Usability. Christmas music is playing in the background, some of it actually unique.

I think of myself as an evangelist for EMR usability.

How can I deliver a S.T.A.R. Moment for the audience? What is a S.T.A.R. Moment? It stands for "Something They'll Always Remember".

A couple of examples from Nancy Duarte's blog.

What I want for Christmas is an inspiration.

Maybe it will be some dramatic illustration of how often doctors get interrupted, or how much time it takes to do some paltry task, or how long it takes to tell a story in a progress note. Or bringing along an old Underwood typewriter. Or a tableful of clocks or timers.

What's the message?
Usability matters. Here's what it looks like. Give me some.