What's Your Phone Number?


How can I, a physician user of an EMR, give feedback or enhancement requests to the someone who can make a difference?

As the EMR Champion in my medical group, I hear my partners come up with excellent suggestions all the time. Most of these gems are never recovered.

All EMR corporate websites need a “Contact us” page that includes a link to feedback for product improvement.

  • It shouldn’t require me to log in to a secure website.
  • It should give me an email address for support, suggestions, or to report problems.
  •          That way, I can grab a screenshot, type a few words or lines, and shoot off the message while I’m still hot.
  • The sorting (support, enhancements, issues/bugs) can be done at the corporate end.
  • It should ask if I want to get feedback or not.
  •         Feedback can be simple ("We got your message" or more nuanced "We forwarded your suggestion to the enhancement team" or "You should also notify your local support team").

Developers benefit by getting fresh feedback. A focus group done weeks or months later will yield only the most egregious problems.